Our founders, Elder Thomas H. and Mother Annie B. Walker, had a great concern for souls and God inspired them to open a mission.  It was during the depression and money was scarce.  $50.00 was borrowed to purchase furniture: chairs, carpet, curtains, a clock and a pot belly stove.  The loan was paid off in installments.

On Sunday, February 14, 1932, the mission door was opened at 1629 N. 20th Street in Philadelphia, PA.  The mission known as Morning Star Holiness Church later incorporated as the Pentecostal Assembly of Jesus Only, began with eight adults and nine children.  The first to receive the Holy Ghost in the small mission was a young girl, who became the First Lady of the PAJO (Pentecostal Assembly of Jesus Only).  Elect Lady Ethel Watkins Pope, served faithfully until God gave her rest from labor on Thursday, January 22, 2015, at the age of 99. Her work and dedication to Christ, His People and His Church will never be forgotten.  The son of the founders, Elder Nathaniel Thomas Walker, was a faithful member until he was called home on February 27, 2011.

In the beginning, the saints had Sunday school and afternoon services on Sunday until the Lord, through His Word and visions, began to deal with Elder and Mother Walker concerning obedience to all of the 10 Commandments, especially the 4th one.  After fasting for 3 days and 3 nights, God confirmed His Word and they began to have services on the Sabbath (Saturday) in May 1937.

God continued to add families and members to the church and in faith the small mission was enlarged beginning in 1940.  Services were held at 1918 N. 22nd Street, the home of Elder and Mother Walker, during the renovation.  The enlarged church was reopened September 28, 1941 with a Gospel March from 22nd & Berks Streets to 1627-29 N. 20th Street.

The saints broadcasted their first radio service on Thursday, January 11, 1945 at 11:00 PM over station WDAS for 15 minutes.  The time was later changed to 10:15 PM every Sunday.  The broadcast continued for two years.

The church celebrated their mortgage burning in 1945 and Elder and Mother Walker expanded their ministry.  Another vineyard was added in Atlantic City, NJ in September 1945.

Elder and Mother Walker served faithfully for many years without asking for a Pastoral Anniversary or special recognition.  They left their financial welfare to the Lord.  Elder Thomas H. Walker, our co-founder, was called from labor to rest on March 11, 1947.  He left a rich legacy of holy living, faithfulness, honesty, kindness and gentleness.  He was a man loved by all.

After time spend in fasting and prayer for God’s direction in choosing the next leader, it was decided unanimously by the church members that Mother Walker, who had worked side-by-side with her husband and knew and understood the word God had called them do, would assume the charge of the Pentecostal Assembly of Jesus Only, Inc.  On May 29, 1947, she dedicated her life anew to God and His people.  She maintained the title of Mother Annie B. Walker and continued to work with the saints of Philadelphia, PA, Atlantic City, NJ and later Bronx, NY, Pleasantville, NJ and Detroit, MI.  Some of her immediate helpers were Elder Robert Toney, Mother Minnie Hopkins, Mother Laura Drake, Mother Mabel Grattic and Mother Inez Aiken.

God also raised up a man among us, Brother Julius L. Pope, who assisted Mother Walker in her many duties as Pastor and General Overseer.  He traveled with her and worked close by her side until she was called from labor to rest on November 11, 1969.  Before her passing, he was anointed to be the next leader of the Assembly.  Brother, Deacon, Minister, and then Elder.  Elder Pope was installed as the General Overseer of the Pentecostal Assembly of Jesus Only, Inc. and Pastor of the Morning Star Holiness Church in Philadelphia, PA in June 1970.  He served faithfully and many souls were blessed, saved, healed and delivered.

The church building began deteriorating and required many repairs.  Overseer Pope’s desire and vision was to have a better edifice for worship.  After praying and fasting for God’s direction, it was decided to tear down the building and rebuild from the ground up at the same location. Many criticized, others doubted, some predicted failure and some left.  However, those who shared the vision and believed God’s promise kept on praying, kept on fasting and kept on giving. Additional property was acquired.  The demolition of buildings left a big hole in the ground and many passed by laughing with negative remarks. The faithful continued to worship and praise God at Mount Calvary Apostolic Church on Sabbath and special services. The saints shared Wednesday night Bible Class with the congregation at the Holy Church of the Living God Commandment Keepers at 11th & Catherine Streets. We are grateful to Overseer M.M. Williams and Shepherd Mother Celestine Evans for their open door policy.

After much opposition, disappointments and loss of monies, we saw the promises of God coming to fruition.  The foundation walls were finally built as construction was continuing.

God stopped the mouths of the gainsayers.  On April 1, 2006, the new edifice was completed.  The saints rejoiced and praised God who keeps His promises. The Dedication service was held on Sabbath, April 29, 2006.

Overseer Julius Pope was able to see and enjoy worshipping God in the brand new sanctuary for three years.  God gave this faithful servant rest from labor on April 4, 2009.  Bishop Sean Outen worked faithfully and diligently with Overseer Pope and oversaw the church rebuilding project.  He was ordained as a Bishop and designated to be the successor to Overseer Pope.  He was installed as General Overseer of the Pentecostal Assembly of Jesus Only, Inc. and Pastor of the Morning Star Holiness Church in Philadelphia, PA on October 3, 2009.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.  He has saw fit to add to the Pentecostal Assembly of Jesus Only, Inc. two more churches. Liberty Temple House of Prayer (at that time known as Deliverance Church of Jesus Christ) Bishop J.D. and Pastor Rhonda Martineau in Chester, PA, and Word Of Light Christian Fellowship Church, Bishop Carvel and Pastor Theresa Collins located in Philadelphia, PA.

After 18 years of service to the Morning Star Holiness Church in Atlantic City, NJ, Bishop Alonzo Outen, by the leading of the Lord, stepped down from his post as pastor to once again do evangelistic work, and to provide support to the fellowship of churches in the Pentecostal Assembly of Jesus Only, Inc. On June 23, 2012, Elder Lemonte Thomas, who has proven faithful and obedient to the Pentecostal Assembly of Jesus Only, Inc., was ordained as pastor of the Morning Star Holiness Church in Atlantic City, NJ

To God Be The Glory!