Pastor & General Overseer

Alonzo I. Outen, Jr.


J.D. Martineau


Carvel B. Collins



Elect Lady Julrena Outen,
General Business Administrator


Evangelist Shari Outen,
General Secretary



Elder Alvin Tucker,
General Treasurer


Mother Ida Smith,
Assistant Treasurer



Evangelist Theresa Collins, National President

Missionary Sheila Peterson, National Vice-President


This ministry in the church is to help the needy among us and in our communities, in the time of sickness, distress, misfortune, and in case of death. We want to be Disciples of Christ, spreading the good news that God loves us so much that he gave His only son.  It is our mission to share this message of joy, peace, and eternal life to all that believe.


Elder Lemonte Thomas, National Superintendent


The purpose of the Sabbath School is to make Disciples for Christ. It includes the nurture of spiritual growth in members and prospective members, as well as the un-churched that come to join in fellowship, study, sharing and service. The Sabbath School exists not only to minister to its members, but to train those members to minister to others. The Sabbath School is a spiritual institution that promotes Christian living and growth, not just an event held on Sabbath (Saturday) mornings. It can also include bible study groups and forums for higher learning that meet at other times. It’s purpose is evangelistic and progressive, not ritualistic.



Elder John Peterson, National President

 Missionary Wanda Hines, National Vice-President

An Usher/Greeter is an official whose service in ministry is to introduce strangers to the joy of the House of the Lord, a forerunner, and a doorkeeper. Ushers and Greeters work hand-in-hand. The Greeter is usually the first person the guest or worshiper meets, standing on the outside or in the foyer of a spiritual gathering. The Usher is the person who continues the job of making guest and worshipers comfortable once they have entered the sanctuary for official worship. Many times, the Usher fulfill the dual role in ministry service.A church usher/greeter is an officer of the church he or she serves. The church usher helps the Pastor to make the service a success by putting the congregation in the right frame of mind to receive the message. The usher meets the people with a pleasant smile, a warm welcome, and directs them to seats that make them most comfortable. He or she ensures (with grace and humility) that perfect order is kept in and around the sanctuary (or venue for gathering) at all times during the services.Ushers and Greeters are forerunners, for they prepare the sanctuary for the guests by being the first to arrive at the gathering place of worship; they receive the order of the day from the Pastor or event coordinator; they see to it that the place of corporate worship is in proper condition to receive the worshipers and guest; they prepare fans, church literature, collection envelopes, and all items that will be distributed to the congregation, making sure all are in their proper places. Church greeters and ushers are a type of evangelistic and missionary ministry for the kingdom of heaven, for they perpetuate the Holy Spirit throughout the congregation.


Evangelist Chanda Tucker, National Youth President


One of our goals are to introduce youth to the faith, for they are not too young to be Disciples of Jesus Christ. Becoming a disciple takes a journey. It takes a willingness to sacrifice and struggle. Many youths have yet to give themselves over to this sort of commitment to faith. But one goal of youth ministry is to introduce them to what it means to follow Christ. To help them be, in a sense, interns for Christ. The National Youth Department is built upon compassionate relationships that recognize all are loved by God. Many teens and young adults have lived so long with the idea that God lives “up there” or “out there” that they find it difficult to figure out where God is in their lives. Youth ministry can help attune youth to the God-saturated world we live in by introducing them to a variety of spiritual practices that can help to awaken our sensitivity to God’s presence. Once they have learned this, the next goal of the National Youth Department is to develop and train the next generation of leaders to serve the church and the world.




Mother Florence Tucker, National President

Mother Bernice Camper, National Vice-President


The National Department of Women and Mothers’ Board (a dual ministry) teaches women how to become “Sanctified Virtuous Women In Holiness.” This national ministry teaches women to support the work of the church and it’s ministries on all levels, the pastor, and families, first by maintaining a lifestyle of “Holiness and Persistent Prayer.” The NDW&MB, helps to ensure that our church is a strong church, Holy Spirit-filled, and well organized institution of spiritual growth and well-being. An effective Women’s Department and Mothers’ Board, operate under the authority of the General Overseer through the Board of Bishops.


This Ministry caters to the seasoned (aged) women of the church. Who are active members of the Pentecostal Assembly of Jesus Only, Inc.  Amongst other activities, they serve as surrogate mothers and advisors to younger women in the church.  The work of the Mothers’ Board does not usurp authority over the pastor, it serves to enhance our worship, services, programs and help to advance the Kingdom of God.