Bishop Sean A. Outen

Bishop Sean A. Outen is the middle son of Bishop Alonzo and Elect Lady Angelina Outen, the grandson of the late Mother Lillian Outen and great-grandson of the late Mother Angeline J. Sanders. The fourth generation of loyal, faithful members of Morning Star Holiness Church.

As an infant, he was dedicated by the co-founder of the Pentecostal Assembly of Jesus Only, Inc., the late Mother Annie B. Walker. Bishop Sean was blessed to receive God’s most precious gift, the Holy Ghost during a revival in 1975. As he matured spiritually, he was ordained as a Minister in the Morning Star Holiness Church, and some years later as an Elder. Bishop Sean learned to appreciate all the advice, guidance and support from his parents and his former Senior Pastor, the late Overseer Julius L. Pope. For several years, he worked diligently with Overseer Pope in the ministry and administration of the Pentecostal Assembly of Jesus Only, Inc. Bishop Sean especially worked tirelessly with Overseer Pope and oversaw the church rebuilding process of the Philadelphia Morning Star Holiness Church, the headquarters church of the Pentecostal Assembly of Jesus Only, Inc. In 2006, he was ordained as Bishop and designated as the successor to Overseer Pope. Bishop Sean Outen was installed as the General Overseer of the Pentecostal Assembly of Jesus Only, Inc., after the passing of Overseer Pope in 2009.

Bishop Sean has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Master’s Degrees in Pastoral Counseling and in Marriage and Family Counseling all from La Salle University. He has been married to Elect Lady Julrena Outen for over twenty four years. They have one daughter, Juliana Outen and many godchildren. Bishop Sean loves his family, being in the capacity of a servant, and most of all, he loves God.