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Liberty Temple House of Prayer

Liberty Temple House of Prayer (formerly known as The Deliverance Church of Jesus Christ), is a local multifaceted community ministry of Faith, Hope, Love, and Deliverance, which began in January of 2003, at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and restructured and established in September of 2005, in Chester, Pennsylvania.

At the appointed time, the Apostle, Bishop J.D. and Elect Lady Rhonda Martineau  were led to a house located at 3418 N. 19th Street in North Philadelphia, PA, which had been previously converted into a place of worship. From 2003 to 2005, commuting 180 plus miles per week, the ministry conducted worship and training services, several extensive and successful outreach efforts, secured the 501 (c) (3) nonprofit status from the IRS, assisted two sister ministries in fund-raising to purchase and beautify facilities for  worship, ministered to the needy during the holiday seasons by distributing food baskets, and more than 300 toys, launched a new ministry website, birthed two radio broadcast, over WTMR 800 AM, and WPWA Praise 1590 AM, and conducted several free community cookouts, just to name a few.

January of 2005, at the direction of the Holy Spirit, following wisdom in the proverb that teaches “charity begins at home” the leadership and remaining disciples of the ministry officially relocated to serve the communities of Chester, PA, by faith, with no public worship facility to call their own, yet the work of the ministry continued.

May of 2005, the ministry name was officially changed to coincide with the fresh vision and new attitude of the ministry. Placing all focus upon “Exalting the Pure Word of God and the Deliverance of all mankind.”

June of 2005, following divine instruction, the Martineau’s opened their home for Wednesday night bible studies. The first night all seats and the floor were full. This continued for the following six (6) weeks. The end of July 2005, without seeking for a location for worship services, a storefront at 2228 W. 9th Street in Chester became available.

September of 2005, the Chester congregation was born. Along with well-wishers, the congregation marched into their new tabernacle, located at 2228 W. 9th Street, Chester, PA, “The Little Brown Box” a modest facility with seating for 45 people, jam-packed. There the congregation continued to grow.

In less than one year, August of 2006, a new facility (in the same block) was secured at 2216 W. 9th Street. The new tabernacle provided more space to praise the Lord, with seating for 110 and more comfortable amenities. While housed at the new tabernacle, the congregation continued to grow and mature, new in-reach and community outreach efforts were expanded.

May of 2008, God summonsed the congregation unto a 40 Day Prayer Symposium. One of the request placed on the altar was “favor to purchase a building of their own.” The pastor loathing the words  “rent and borrow,” decided it was time to become better stewards  over Kingdom Currency (God’s money). After several attempts to secure loans to purchase a building, and being told by four (4) financial institutions that they required churches to have a minimum yearly income of $35,000 (after monthly expenses) the pastor knowing the congregation did not secure those numbers over three (3) years, FAITH! Would be the only solution.

During the weeks of prayer, the pastor spoke prophetically and told the congregation “…Yah said, following this season of corporate prayer, He is going to show us His power…a MIRACLE is about to happen before our very eyes… ” The saints received the word, rejoiced, and continued in the days of corporate prayer. One evening, exercising  wisdom to give the saints a needed night of rest, the pastor said he would go in the tabernacle for prayer—while the saints stay at home to rest. During prayer in the tabernacle, God spoke to Martineau and said “Go to the building on 3rd Street and walk around it one (1) time.” The pastor got up from prayer and did as the Lord said. To his surprise, the grounds had been manicured to perfection, there was no form of rubbish around the building (the grounds around the building did not normally appear this way).

Martineau did as the Lord instructed and went back to the tabernacle on 9th Street, continuing in prayer and received further instructions. After prayer that evening, Martineau immediately returned home and began searching for the owner(s) of the building. After a few days of searching, locating the owner(s) of the property had come to a dead-end, all he had was a name printed on the sign on the front of the building and a disconnected telephone number.  Martineau prayed “…Lord, You know who the owner is and where they are…it’s in Your hands.” Let’s hasten to the end of this portion of the testimony, less then 40 days later, the congregation became owners of the property located at 1024 W. 3rd Street. The greatest miracle of all, God favored the congregation to payoff the building within 7 months, coming to the closing table one month earlier than what had been outlined in the sales agreement. To Yahweh Be All The Glory!

The celebration motorcade traveled from 2216 W. 9th Street to 1024 W. 3rd Street, Sabbath, October 18, 2008. The service was highly anointed, and one soul gave their life to Christ.

In less than three years, the congregation of fewer than 50 members total (adults, children and youth) with only seven (7) faithful tithers, purchased (cash—without a mortgage) a two (2) story facility, becoming deed holders—owners of the property located at 1024-30 W. 3rd Street in the thriving city of Chester, Pennsylvania. The pastor says: “…It may not have been ‘Buckingham Palace’ or the ‘Crystal Cathedral’ but was our local tabernacle, and A House of Prayer For All People! We make no excuse for what we have here, for what we have, the FATHER has provided—and we are FOREVER THANKFUL!”

Despite major setbacks and disappointments throughout the years, the Father has highly favored this humble remnant, and souls are being added, such as should be saved, and the ministry is making exceptional progress, with great determination to “DRIVE AND GO FORWARD…THE BEST IS YET TO COME ”

Understanding that the “Church of Christ” does not come in size or numbers, we don’t count the numbers…we make the numbers count. All that can be said at this point is “If Yahweh be for us…who can be against us?” (Romans 8:31)