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Our Mission Statement

Our desire is to encourage and support the spiritual growth of all believers in the body of Christ, through the study of the Bible-centered  teachings  which are open to all who desire a relationship with God.  Whoever you are, skeptic, a seeker, or a seasoned Christian, we welcome you to come fellowship and worship with us.

Church History

The Morning Star Church of Atlantic City was founded in 1961 at its first location, 23 N. Michigan Avenue, by the late Mother Annie B. Walker and Mother Laura Drake.  After the initial leadership of Mother Walker and Mother Drake, the congregation was led by Bishop Leno Johnson, Elder Emanuel Smith, Mother Ida Smith, and then Bishop Alonzo Outen. Bishop Alonzo Outen served faithfully as Pastor from 1991 until 2011, and was then succeeded by its current Pastor, Elder Lemonte Thomas.