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Elder H. Lemonte Thomas
Pastor of the Morning Star Holiness Church of Atlantic City, NJ

Elder Thomas aka: “Pastor Lemonte”, came to Philadelphia, PA, at the age of almost 4 year old with his three younger brothers, there he grew into manhood. He came to know the Lord Jesus Christ and salvation through Him in August of 1977, following his graduation from High School.

After being in Christ for four years, he, at the request of his Pastor, the Late Elect Lady Edna Jarrett, he began to teach the adult Bible Study Class on Sabbath (Saturday) mornings in his local church assembly. Since that time, he has preached or taught the Word to various  local, state and national groups.

He has held various positions in the church from Usher and Deacon, to State President of the Board of Missionaries, an office he held for two terms.

In the year of 1989, he was elevated from Minister to Elder in the Church.  Shortly after, he was married to Lola Street, who had come to Christ in February of 1982.
Pastor Lemonte and Sis Lola, are a husband and wife team whose focus is to work to evangelize and spread the Word of God to a world that is hungry for Jesus Christ, and where ever they can.

In June of 2012, Pastor Lemonte was elevated to Pastor of the Atlantic City congregation, where he had served as Interim Pastor for the previous year.

To God Be All the Glory!