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Profile of Pastor Gordon P. Fields, Sr.

Pastor Gordon P. Fields Sr. grew up in Conshohocken, PA. At the age of 20, God called Pastor Fields out of the crowd and he accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal savior. He became a member of the House of God where he was baptized and received the Holy Ghost under the late Pastor Ida Belle Sessoms-Howard.

Pastor Fields began to search the word daily, which led him to grow stronger in his walk with the Lord. He began to exemplify, advocate, and witness the pure word of God. He was dedicated, sincere, zealous, and loved to work in the house of the Lord serving in any capacity where there was a need. Pastor Fields was a quiet and humble young man not having knowledge that God was preparing him, as King David was prepared to be the chosen shepherd of the Lord’s people. Through his obedience the Lord transitioned him through the roles of being the church custodian, deacon, trustee, prayer warrior, superintendent, and teacher. In 1994, Pastor Fields answered the call to the ministry of preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Lord then elevated him to the position of assistant pastor. After much prayer and supplication, in 2005 he accepted the call to Senior and Founding Pastor of Victory Fellowship Outreach Ministries of Norristown, PA. He is known as a Bible scholar and great teacher of the word of God.

Profile of Co-Pastor Doretha Fields

Co-Pastor Doretha Fields came to know the Lord at the age of 11, after the Lord spoke to her the words “Honor thy mother and thy father,” prompting her to repent and honor him with her life. She was later baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost at Bethlehem Temple in East St. Louis, IL under the late Pastor Pearline Freeman. She worked faithfully in the house of the Lord through the offices of youth choir leader, altar worker, missionary and evangelist president, elect lady, church planning coordinator, and wedding coordinator. In 1996, she answered the call as a minister to spread the word of God. The scripture God spoke to her was Matthew 4:16, charging her to be a light in dark places and to show love and truth to the lost. She is known as a praiser, interpreter of dreams and prophetess. She is loving, trustworthy and a supportive wife. Others find her to be inspiring, encouraging, positive and easy to talk to. She is a friendly warm-hearted woman of God serving and touching lives.

Pastor Gordon Fields Sr. and Co-Pastor Doretha Fields have been married over 30 years and out of their union came four children. They also served as spiritual parents to godchildren and foster children. Together they operated in the ministries of editor and literature writers of manuals, seminars, and newsletters, the praying and laying on of hands, preaching and teaching, evangelistic outreach, and biblically-based marriage counseling.

Minister Alecia Fields
Youth Pastor